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Cigna Dental Savings Program Benefits | Cigna

Cigna Dental
Savings Program

Cigna Dental Savings is a low-cost alternative to traditional dental insurance and offers average discounts of 34%* off of quality dental services. Choose your own dentist from Cigna’s nationwide network of 87,000** dentists and dental specialists. You can also choose one of our three programs that include discounts on a wide range of everyday services.

Cigna Dental Savings is not traditional insurance, but rather a simple way to access discounts on dental services. Simply present your Cigna ID card when you visit a participating Cigna dentist to receive the discounted rate on dental services.

Enjoy these benefits when
you enroll
in our
affordable discount program:

  • Choose a dentist from our large national network of over 87,000 dentists. To find a participating dentist in your area, search our online directory or call Customer Service at 1.800.240.2035 Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST.
  • It’s not dental insurance. It’s an easy-to-use discount savings program. There are no hassles such as claim forms, deductibles or referrals to visit a specialist.
  • Choose one of three programs. You select the one that best meets your needs and enjoy all the discounts that come with that program.
  • Our discount program also offers discounts on orthodontia, dentures and other services.
  • No one-time startup fee

Dental Savings Add Up Fast

Examples of the savings our program offers:

Procedure1 Dentist's Usual Fee2 National Average Discounted Fee for Plan3 Member Savings Savings Percentage4
Two periodic exams (adult) $228 $148 $80 35.1%
Two periodic exams (child) $228 $148 $80 35.1%
Two routine cleanings (adult) $390 $256 $134 34.4%
Two routine cleanings (child) $302 $200 $102 33.8%
Two Fluoride treatments (child) $158 $104 $54 34.2%
Two bitewing x-rays $188 $124 $64 34.0%
One Resin composite filling (1-surface anterior, adult or child) $338 $220 $118 34.9%
Two quadrants of periodontal scaling and root planning $1030 $668 $362 35.1%
One Complete Denture $2,872 $1,920 $952 33.1%

1Procedure frequencies are examples used for illustrative purposes only. Consult your dentist for appropriate care, testing and treatment recommendations. 2Based on Cigna internal data as of May 2018, subject to change. 3Typical discounted fees are listed for visits to participating dentists. Members are responsible for paying all applicable fees and charges directly to the dentist at the time of visit. Charges may vary from the sample listed above. Members should consult with their network dentist before beginning any treatment. 4Average discount percentages are calculated by comparing nationwide average contracted rates to national average charges data. Actual savings will vary based upon procedure, geographic location and the Cigna Dental-specific contracted rate set up with the dentist/specialist. Discounts are based on 2016 claim data projected to 7/1/2018 by Cigna Dental.