Cigna Dental Savings Program Benefits | Cigna

Cigna Dental Savings® Program

Cigna Dental Savings® is a low-cost alternative to traditional dental insurance and offers up to 40%* off of quality dental services. To find a participating dental provider, search here.

Cigna Dental Savings® is not traditional insurance, but rather a simple way to access discounts on dental services. You can use the Cigna Dental Savings program as any times as you like.

Highlights of our affordable discount program:

  • To find a participating dental provider, search here.

  • No waiting periods or referrals needed.

  • Discounts on orthodontia, dentures and other services.

  • No startup fee.

Dental Savings Add Up Fast

Examples of the savings our program offers:

Procedure1 Dentist's Usual Fee National Average Discounted Fee for Plan 2 Member Savings
Two periodic exams (adult) $128 $74 $54
Two periodic exams (child) $216 $140 $76
Two routine cleanings (adult) $209 $132 $77
Two bitewing x-rays $149 $86 $62
Two quadrants of periodontal scaling and root planning $563 $339 $224
One Complete Denture $1,636 $947 $689